It’s a Jungle out there.

Nestled on the banks of the Kirindi Oya River, Ella Jungle Resort is surrounded by wild jungles, bubbling mountain streams, abundant flora and fauna and, of course, Tarzan’s animal friends. It’s the perfect setting for the many adventure activities provided at the resort. Or simply a place to be still and merge with the nature.

The word ‘ella’ means waterfall and at our resort there are many. The famous Ella Gap is just a few kms away as are many other destinations. Built with locally available recyclable material, we are in perfect harmony with the surroundings.

This is the perfect place to just be. To listen to the silence. To experience the the splendour of Mother nature. Fall asleep in a tent listening to the soothing sounds of the jungle. Sit by the river. Feel the space. Fill your mind/soul with Here and Now.

There is abundant wildlife of course, you are in the jungle! There are many birds, mammals, dragon flies, butterflies, reptiles … the list is endless. If you are lucky enough, you might spot the rare mammal species ‘Giant Pangolin’.

Please Note
The Resort is 2.5 km from the main road. There are three ways to get there.
1. By vehicle from the main gate to the Resort car park and then ten minutes trek to the Resort.
2. By cable car to the Resort.
3. By vehicle to half way and then a 30 min. trek to the Resort.
We encourage check-in before 6.00 pm – so please give yourself time if you choose option 1 or option 3 .

Challenging Adventures.

When in dangerous situations, the mind stops. We provide many such situations through our wide range of adventure activities in our magnificent natural setting. Whether it be a trek to a waterfall, descending through a waterfall or rock climbing, this is what you call a real adventure.

Music, yoga and meditation all help still the mind. Hugh Jackman said “Meditation is all about the pursuit of nothingness. It sharpens everything, especially appreciation of your surroundings. It keeps life fresh”. We offer yoga/music/meditation guidance if requested.

Our restaurant caters to fifty. A vegetarian BBQ and vegetarian food is served here or in an outdoor setting of your choice – there are decks scattered throughout. At night, you may choose to enjoy our campfire and the embers that rise to the stars.

The resort is full of natural herbs and so Ayurveda and organic herbal treatments are always available. Wild Bee Honey is packaged and marketed by Wild Holidays – a non-profit venture designed to employ local villagers.

We’re doing our very best to keep our Island Paradise an Island Paradise.

Our Tree Planting Project “Shaka Sanga”

Our tree planting program ShakaSanga provides individuals and organizations an opportunity to help us keep Sri Lanka green.

Our Wild Bee Honey Community Project

Our Wild Bee Honey project provides locals with an opporutnity to develop, harvest and market Wild Bee Honey products.

Designated a “Bird Friendly Facilitator”

We are honored to have been awarded the designation “Bird Friendly Facilitator” by the Sri Lanka Field Omithology Group.

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