We serve Traditional Sri Lankan, Vegetarian meals only.

The land of Ella Jungle Resort, has many years ago, been blessed as sacred grounds. This blessing was passed and honoured because of the purity of the lands and the values practiced by the people living on the land. One of the values practiced was to eat only, fruit and vegetables provided by the land. In order to honour these past blessings the resort has chozen to continue with this tradition of indulging on vegetarian meals only for both staff and guests.

While this may seem scary to many meat lovers, we can assure that our traditional Sri Lankan chefs and menu will not disappoint you. You will never be left hungry. Be prepared for the culinary experience of a lifetime!


Bring your own non-alcoholic beverages, leave your phones and laptops at home...

Because the resort has been built on blessed ground  of the temples, we do not encourage alcohol being brought onto property. Our land offers our guests the opportunity to cleanse and detox their mind and bodies. Peace and tranquillity is valued most at Ella Jungle Resort which is why we do not have a bar on property. We recommend that our guests visit Ella Town if they would like a beer or a wine.

We have no telephone or internet signal at the resort. Please advise your loved ones that during your time in the Jungle, you may not be able to be reached by telephone or internet. In the event of an emergency, your loved ones can contact you at the resort reception:

+94 55 227 4310

None of our rooms have air conditioning units or fans, please keep this in mind when making your reservation.

If you struggle walking, or running and cannot walk up and down stairs easily, we do not recommend Ella Jungle Resort for your vacation. Because we have so many steps and pathways between restaurants and rooms, we recommend guests are relatively healthy and fit in order to enjoy the jungle experience.

The resort is based in a remote location.

Ella Jungle Resort encompasses 150 acres of land and our property is located 12 km from Ella Town, nearby the famous Ella Gap. Our Resort lies on the main road, the A23, between the towns of Ella and Wellawaya.

If you are traveling by car directly from Colombo, please expect a 7-8 journey depending on your vehicle and traffic.

We are in the process of setting up road signage so please keep your eyes open for our entrance while enroute. Our Entrance is at the Café on the Bend Restaurant, a tall, double story, glass building with gravel parking lot.

Like any safari park or nature reserve, the gates to our adventure park will close at 18h00 each evening. For this reason we recommend all guests plan to arrive at the resort entrance by no later than 17h00 during daylight hours.

We also recommend that all guests join the resort for dinner, even if you have booked on a bed and breakfast basis. You can find more information about booking dinner with our reservations department.!

Keep reading for more information on how to get to Ella Jungle...

Once you reach our entrance at café on the bend, please park your vehicle and ready it for an overnight stay or for the duration of your visit with us in the jungle. Please let the staff members at Café on the Bend know that you are a house guest of Ella Jungle Resort.

Enjoy a freshly squeezed orange juice at the Café while you wait for one of our vehicles to collect you.

Once our vehicle arrives, we will begin our 15 minute drive downhill into our valley.

Please be aware that this is a gravel road and can get quite bumpy, we do not recommend this journey for guests who are suffering from any physical or heart disabilities. Once we reach the end of the bumpy road journey, it’s a few steps down to our cable car and from here onwards you can enjoy a smooth descent into the resort.

We’re doing our very best to keep our Island Paradise an Island Paradise.

Our Tree Planting Project “Shaka Sanga”

Our tree planting program ShakaSanga provides individuals and organizations an opportunity to help us keep Sri Lanka green.

Our Wild Bee Honey Community Project

Our Wild Bee Honey project provides locals with an opporutnity to develop, harvest and market Wild Bee Honey products.

Designated a “Bird Friendly Facilitator”

We are honored to have been awarded the designation “Bird Friendly Facilitator” by the Sri Lanka Field Omithology Group.

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