The Jungle Awaits

Nestled on the banks of the Kirindi Oya River and surrounded by wild jungles, bubbling mountain streams, and abundant flora and fauna. It’s the perfect setting for the many adventure activities provided at the resort or simply a place to be still and merge with nature.

The Perfect Jungle Setting

Offers you the perfect excuse to switch off your mobile phone and leave your work and laptop at home. Cradled in the valley of Ella Gap, our location limits access to telephones and internet, so please tell your loved ones that during your time in the jungle, they can contact you at our reception only.

Let’s keep our Island Paradise an Island Paradise.

Our Tree Planting Project “Shaka Sanga”

Our tree planting program ShakaSanga provides individuals and organizations an opportunity to help us keep Sri Lanka green.

Our Wild Bee Honey Community Project

Our Wild Bee Honey project provides locals with an opportunity to develop, harvest and market Wild Bee Honey products.

Designated a “Bird Friendly Facilitator”

We are honored to have been awarded the designation “Bird Friendly Facilitator” by the Sri Lanka Field Omithology Group.

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