Re-Connect and Celebrate as a family.

Ella Jungle Resort has created the perfect environment for you and your children to bond and spend time together in the pure, goodness of nature. With limited phone signal, and limited internet signal to distract them, your family members can experience the adventure of the jungle together and learn about the trees, the birds, the insects, the animals and the rivers of our natural environment right here at Ella Jungle Resort.

Why not do some things you’ve never done before and experience those wonderful moments of here and now that come with high adventure. How about a mountain biking tour though the jungle to a local village and warm hospitality? Maybe help harvest wild bee honey. Or plough the paddy fields with the cows. Or not.

There’s waterfall adventures, high rope course, low rope course, zipper line, toddy tappers’ walk and monkey rope – all thrilling adventure experiences available right here at the resort. You’ll be assisted by our expert facilitators and guides as required because your safety is taken seriously here at Ella Jungle Resort.

The following activities are offered each day for free to our overnight guests

Nature & Adventure Trek

Warakara waterfall is located near the border of Ella Jungle resort. To reach it you’ll have a wonderfull twenty-minute trek.

Adventure Activity Package

Accessing the resort through rough terrain in a 4WD and cable car or jungle trek itself is an adventure experience for anybody.

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