An organic getaway with your family and friends

Looking to unwind with your friends and family? Up for some soul searching on your own? We got you covered either way!

Wind down with the sounds of nature or unleash that adrenaline junkie in you; the choice is yours! Nature, exciting adventures, meals made from the freshest ingredients and much more.

​Book your stay and discover a perfect gateway to get in touch with our roots while you enjoy some quality time outdoors.

Have a field day… literally.

The expression ‘have a field day’ dawns a new meaning when you walk into our out-farm destination in Ella Jungle Resort. It’s here that you can be either choose to enjoy scrumptious meals made from organically grown ingredients while you relax amidst the jungle enveloped in the energy fields or you can opt to get involved in the traditional organic farming. At Ella Jungle Resort you can truly enjoy the Sri Lankan way of life while learning the Sri Lankan farm lifestyles by becoming a farmer for a day or two or maybe more. Take part in live workshops, expand your horizons and enjoy the organic way of life. There’s something for everyone.

Train yourself in the farm. rule the corporate jungle.

It is said that leadership is a habit that you develop through experience, application, reflection, and reformation. Learn how to master these skills from none other than the best teacher in the world; Mother Nature. Book a farm stay with us and set your team on a one-of-its-kind learning trip. Experience the art of team-building while you watch the formation of migratory birds. Walk into our farmlands and understand how the right application reaps favourable results. Learn how positive influence of the surrounding can reflects positively on your attitude. Learn the art of reformation while you take a walk in the jungle. Talk to us for more information.

Experience organic side of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is much more than what you have read in typical travel magazines. Visit us to experience the difference. We have well-appointed rooms that redefine the phrase – a room with a view. Be enthralled by nature while you take a dip in a natural pool. You can even try your hands on farming in our organic farmlands. Whether you are an adventure junkie or you are recluse – we got something for everyone.

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